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Do you have a map of your campus?


Mariners Church | Irvine Campus Map

Why is Mariners doing this series?

We believe that The Freedom Initiative will change the future of our church. It will release people from fear and bondage to debt, restore people to financial health so they can pursue God’s purpose for their lives, and change the way our people believe and behave regarding their time, treasure, and talents.

How does Freedom relate to the mission of our church?

Mariners Church exists to inspire people to follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world! When we manage our resources well, they become useful tools meant for helping us fulfill the purposes God has planned for each of us, allowing us the opportunity to live our mission most effectively. We want to come together and more fully understand what God says about the stewardship of the resources He provides us.

What do we hope the outcome will be?

That our church and community will find peace with their finances, manage their money using biblical principles, and exercise the joy of generosity in their everyday lives.

Is Dave Ramsey really coming?

Yes! Dave Ramsey will be speaking at the Irvine Campus on January 28 & 29.

Who will benefit from this program?

Everyone! No matter where you are, we all need a plan for our money. FPU teaches God’s ways of handling money. It presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you dreamed you could be financially. View stories of Mariners Church people who have been through FPU here.

Is there a cost to participate in FPU?

Yes, an $80 fee covers the course, your FPU membership and all materials.

If I am taking the class with my spouse, do we both need to purchase a membership?

No, couples may share a membership and materials. We do ask that you both register individually, but you can use the promo code “spouse” to get the second registration for free.

What if I’ve already taken FPU?

We would love for you to participate again! If you have purchased a membership in the past, you already have access to the materials online. You can use the promo code “alumni” to register for free. We would also ask you to consider leading a group. If you are interested, please sign up to volunteer here.

Is childcare available?

Yes! Childcare will be available Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, and Friday evening. You can also take the class during a weekend service while the kids are in Port Mariners!

Are scholarships available?

Yes! We have a limited number of scholarships available. You can apply for a scholarship here.

Scholarships are provided through donations from the congregation. You can donate to the scholarship fund here as well.

Are there opportunities for children and students?


During Weekend Services: In conjunction with the 4-week FREEDOM series, Mariners Kids, junior high and high school students will be participating in a FREEDOM weekend message series, beginning the weekend of, Jan. 7/8. Students can attend a regular weekend service and learn about stewardship, not only of money, but of other important resources like relationships, time and gifts. Mariners Kids (K-5th) will engage in a 4-weekend MONEY TALKS series: God Owns Everything, Tithing, Sharing, and Planning. Mariners Kids and JHM meet Sat 5p, Sun 9a, and Sun 11a. HSM meets Sun 11a.

Mid-Week FPU Programs: If you are attending the Wednesday Night Family FPU class, your kids can participate too! Children K-5th will participate in a special FPU program during childcare, sign up here. There is also a program for students 6th-12th grade who are not already in a Life Group, sign up here. (Students who are already in a Life Group will meet at their regular times to go through FPU.)

How can I sign up?

We knew this was going to be huge, so we created multiple ways for you to join. Check out the Find a Group page to register online.

Do I need to be in a Life Group?

No, the classes on the Mariners Church campus are open to anyone! If you are in a Life Group, you also have the opportunity to take the class at home with your group.

Where do I get my materials?

Your membership kit will be available to pick up during your first class. If you are taking the class at home, you will receive e-mail instructions on how to pick up your kit.

What do I need to bring to the first session and what should I expect?

Just bring yourself, you will be able to pick up your materials during the first session. When you arrive, check in at the registration table, pick up your materials, and find a table. The class will be grouped into tables of 6-12. The table you sit at will be your group for all 9 weeks. During week 1, you will meet your group, your group leader, and be introduced to FPU.

Can I take this class with my friends?

Yes! If you and a friend sign up for the same class, just sit at the same table when you get there.

What happens in the class each week?

Each week will include a video teaching from Dave Ramsey, lively group discussion time and a homework assignment for the week.

What happens if I miss a class?

We are asking participants to make a commitment to the 9 week program, but we understand that schedule conflicts will come up at times. Your membership includes access to the materials online so you can catch up.

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing personal financial information?

We will never require you to share personal financial information with your group.