Available workshops to extend Financial Peace University.

Who couldn’t use more wisdom when it comes to life issues and especially finances? If you have taken, are taking, or plan to take Financial Peace University the following workshops were created to keep your financial IQ growing. In our latest Freedom Initiative there were many questions and solicitations for help that compelled us to put together these workshops, led by some of the most capable, experienced and gifted leaders in their field.

Each of these workshops is free, but we require that you register online so we do not overbook the class. We will not be able to provide childcare, but we will provide the materials and coffee.

For more information on any of the workshops below contact Denise:



Wisdom with Budgeting | Sun, May 7
Location: Upper Room
Time: 9-10:30a

One of the most difficult aspects of being a steward of your finances is to finally craft a budget that works for you. In this workshop Scott Henderson will give you practical steps and principles that will help you with your budget preparation even if you don’t have a steady paycheck or you are on straight commission. Remember, this will be a workshop and there will be interaction where you can get your questions answered.

Register or text BUDGET to 949.267.3131

Wisdom with Insurance | Sat, May 20
Location: LDB 200B/C
Time: 10:30a-12p

Because we received a large number of questions regarding insurance during our Freedom Initiative, we have put a panel together to answer those questions. Several Insurance Brokers in the area will answer questions about; Where to shop for health insurance? What to do with your whole life insurance policies? Should you have long term care insurance? This will be a workshop to both present up to date insurance information and answer questions you might have.

Register or text INSURANCE to 949.267.3131

Wisdom with Debt | Thu, May 25
Location: LDB 208
Time: 6:30-8:30p

The statistics in the Freedom Initiative were staggering, the average person had $35,000-$50,000 in non-mortgage debt. Some of the debt came out of unforeseen expenses and some by financial mismanagement. Either way, the goal is to get out from under the burden of the debt, but a person needs to be wise because there are plenty of organizations that will gladly take payment for services that only complicate the problems. Danny Crenshaw will be leading this workshop and giving wisdom of things to be careful of and things that will speed up the process of getting out of debt wisely and quickly.

Register or text DEBT to 949.267.3131

Wisdom with Investments | Thu, June 1
Location: LDB 208
Time: 6:30-8p

This workshop is intended to give you practical investment information by some of the top investment managers in the area. The panel will not be selling you anything nor telling you what to invest in, but rather biblical and practical principles when it comes to investing. As Albert Einstein said, “compounding interest is the 8th wonder of the world”…..come and see how that is true and how you can take advantage of the wisdom when it comes to investments.

Register or text INVESTMENT to 949.267.3131

Wisdom with Mortgages | Tue, June 6
Location: LDB 200B/C
Time: 6:30-8p

In the Freedom Initiative Dave Ramsey gives 7 baby steps to strive toward and the 6th step is to pay off the mortgage to your home. Most people look at that goal as impossible, but it is not! In this workshop you will how you can get a mortgage with no credit score, different ways you can pay off your mortgage early, how to buy a home in southern California that is in line with Dave Ramsey’s philosophy, and how to get the best deal on your mortgage. A partner of Dave Ramsey, Churchill Mortgage will be leading this 90 minute workshop intended to give you wisdom in purchasing and paying off your homes.

Register or text MORTGAGE to 949.267.3131

Wisdom with Will and Estate Planning
Location: Upper Room
Times: Sat, July 8 from 9:30-11a | Tue, July 11 from 6:30-8p

God’s Word is clear that we are to be good stewards of all that God has given us both in our life and our inevitable death. The sad truth is that only about 25% of people have an updated will or estate plan that will direct their monies after they pass from this earth. This workshop is intended to give you practical wisdom and information regarding a simple will and estate plan whether you have little or much to put in your estate. Lloyd Copenbarger who has over 40 years of experience and wisdom in this area will be leading this 90 minute seminar that will both present important information, but also answer your questions.

July 8: Register or text ESTATE1 to 949.267.3131
July 11: Register or text ESTATE2 to 949.267.3131